Dayton Concours d'Elegance this Sunday

Aug 30, 2018

Welcome to Innovative Consulting and Design, your trusted partner for all your consulting and analytical needs in the business and consumer services industry. We are excited to present the Dayton Concours d'Elegance, an exquisite event that showcases the finest classic and vintage automobiles in the region.

Immerse Yourself in Automotive History

On Sunday, join us for a day filled with unparalleled elegance and automotive artistry. The Dayton Concours d'Elegance has gained recognition as one of the premier classic car events in the country. This year's event promises to be a true celebration of automotive heritage, featuring a stunning display of meticulously restored automobiles spanning various eras.

Unforgettable Classic Car Showcase

Prepare to be awe-inspired as you stroll through the meticulously curated display of classic cars. From iconic American muscle cars to elegant European sports cars, the Dayton Concours d'Elegance offers a captivating experience for enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Award-Winning Classics

The event includes a prestigious awards ceremony where industry experts recognize the best of the best. The dedication and craftsmanship poured into each vehicle make the judging process a testament to the passion of the automotive community.

Engage with History

At Innovative Consulting and Design, we believe that preserving the legacy of classic and vintage automobiles is essential. Our commitment to automotive history aligns perfectly with the Dayton Concours d'Elegance. Engage with the automotive experts, collectors, and fellow enthusiasts who share a common love for these timeless machines.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Bring the whole family to enjoy a memorable day at the Dayton Concours d'Elegance. With various activities and attractions, there's something for everyone. Kids can enjoy face painting, interactive exhibits, and small-scale car models. Food vendors and refreshments will be available for those looking to satisfy their cravings.

Be Part of a Grand Tradition

The Dayton Concours d'Elegance has been a pinnacle event for classic car enthusiasts for over two decades. By attending this event, you become part of a grand tradition of celebrating the automotive industry's rich heritage. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a casual admirer, or simply enjoy a day surrounded by elegance and beauty, this event is a must-attend!

Plan Your Visit

The Dayton Concours d'Elegance takes place this Sunday at a location that perfectly complements the elegance of the event. Make sure to check our website for the exact location, schedule, and ticket information. Early arrival is recommended to ensure you have ample time to explore the extensive collection of classic cars and engage with the passionate automotive community.

Supporting Local Charities

By attending the Dayton Concours d'Elegance, you are not only immersing yourself in automotive history but also supporting local charities. Proceeds from the event go towards organizations dedicated to preserving and fostering appreciation for classic and vintage automobiles.

Join Us for a Day of Automotive Splendor

Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the magnificence of classic automobiles at the Dayton Concours d'Elegance. Experience the beauty of automotive design, the precision of restoration, and the passion that fuels the automotive industry.

At Innovative Consulting and Design, we are proud to organize this event that brings together the Dayton community and showcases the splendor of classic and vintage cars. Prepare yourself for a memorable day of elegance, history, and unmatched automotive artistry.

Mark your calendars and join us this Sunday for the Dayton Concours d'Elegance!